Highest Paying Vocational Jobs & Careers

Highest Paying Careers in Vocational

1. Computer Programmer – $40,000 – $113,000
A computer programmer writes the software code that is the building block of computer programs around the world. There are many different types of specialization within the field, and programmers enjoy some of the very best advancement opportunities and employment options available today. Specializations may include one of many different options including UNIX, Network Systems, Cisco Routers, Internet Programming, C++, Visual Basic, and more. They work for software companies, hardware manufacturers, and other companies around the world and the career opportunities within the field are only expected to grow throughout the future.

2. Air Traffic Controller – $45,000 – $161,000
Air traffic controllers are the highest paid profession that isn’t required to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Instead, earning a special certificate through one of the many programs available today is the only real requirement. The salaries will vary greatly for air traffic controllers, due in large part to the sizes and locations of different airports that they may find employment at. Air traffic controllers monitor and control air traffic and ensure that all planes are a safe distance from one another at all times, that runways are open, and that all flights are conducted as safely as possible.

3. Dental Hygienist – $44,000 – $91,000
A dental hygienist is responsible for the initial examination and cleaning of dental patients. They complete a thorough cleaning procedure and report any issues to the dentist, who completes an examination afterwards. Their average starting salary is close to seventy thousand dollars annually, and the educational requirements involve only a two year program that is offered at numerous vocational schools around the country. After completing the program, sitting for and passing a certification exam is the only other requirement for becoming a dental hygienist.

4. Radiology Technicians – $35,000 – $75,000
A radiology technician earns an average of around forty thousand dollars upon entering the field. These professionals are responsible for administering various radiology tests and screenings, logging the data and results, and presenting it to the radiologist or physician. They aren’t legally allowed to form any kind of diagnosis based upon the tests ran – they can only perform the tests. Examples of some of the scans they may run include X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans.

5. Respiratory Therapists – $39,000 – $71,000
These medical professionals can enter the field after just two short years of education in their subject. Essentially, they monitor patients with breathing difficulties and administer breathing treatments to them on a regular schedule. They’ll work with patients who have various respiratory problems like bronchitis, asthma, and emphysema. Average starting salaries for a respiratory therapist is forty two thousand dollars annually.

6. Licensed Practical Nurse – $28,000 – $55,000
A Licensed Practical Nurse is one of the most in demand jobs in the country at the moment. They provide a wide range of bedside care to patients in a hospital or medical facility, monitor their health, and help them through various issues that may arise. They’re not as qualified as an RN, but the LPN degree makes it easier to take the step towards being one. Average entry level salaries are around thirty one thousand annually, but the exact amount will vary based on location and employer.

7. Paralegal – $29,000 – $75,000
Becoming a paralegal is a popular option for many today due to the fast paced nature of the career. Essentially, paralegals handle much of the ‘legwork’ for lawyers, completing research in court records, typing written reports for use in trial, and more. They help an attorney prepare nearly all aspects of their upcoming cases in numerous ways. The only drawback is that further advancement in the career involves large commitments of time and effort due to educational requirements, but for most the higher than average salaries and interesting work are enough to keep them satisfied.