Highest Paying Jobs & Careers with a Master’s Degree

Highest Paying Careers with a Master’s Degree

1. Engineering Management – $100,000 – $135,000
Engineering managers combine the two disciplines of business management with engineering to ensure that they serve vital roles in the field. They not only help with the design and development of new products and advancements, but their managerial skills ensure that the lab is operated in a streamlined and cost efficient way and that companies are actually able to have the information needed to develop, release, and even market their new development to consumers and clients.

2. Chief Executive Officer – $100,000 – $500,000
Earning a Master’s in Business Administration, or MBA, is the best educational step one can take towards becoming the CEO of a company. The larger and more profitable the company, the more a CEO may make. In the largest companies on the planet, like Facebook, CEOs may earn as much as four million in a single year. A CEO is the key decision maker for a company, and they plan strategies for the long and short term future while managing many aspects of daily operations.

3. Physicist – $95,000 – $120,00
A physicist can specialize in a number of different areas of study. They normally assume jobs in research centers, studying their field and conducting experiments to help further science and even aid in the development of new tools and technologies. Subjects include astrophysics, nuclear physics, atmospheric physics, and more. These professionals may be employed by the government, by universities, or by private research organizations.

4. Petroleum Engineer – $95,000 – $120,000
Petroleum engineers are experts that work in the energy field, helping to design and develop new methods for extracting, storing, and refining natural gas and oil. They design extraction methods using their skills and focus on reducing costs, improving efficiency, and reducing the impact on the environment. The largest energy companies in the world usually employ numerous petroleum engineers to help drive their company and its abilities forward into the future.

5. Database Administrator – $86,000 – $100,000
These professionals are experts at the development of data management applications and the management of those applications. They may design programs to keep track of finances within a company, or create intricate models that are accessed by a video game. The demand for them has only increased over the last decade, and will continue to do so for some time.

6. Human Resources Manager – $86,000 – $100,000
A human resources manager oversees the HR department of companies and is responsible for the activities that take place there. Average salaries for this profession are around ninety six thousand dollars. They’ll supervise HR workers while ensuring that all aspects of the department run smoothly. This usually involves a large number of different responsibilities related directly to human resources. Things like benefits administration, employee compensation, performance reviews, disciplinary action, paid time off management, hiring and termination, and more are included in the field. They also take time to develop new business strategies based on HR models that can be applied to improve productivity and boost a company’s bottom line.

7. Economist – $85000 – $112,000
An economist studies various aspects of the economy, evaluates the data, and makes predictions, strategies, and models as to the future of the economy. They make focus on a global, regional, national, or even industry based area of study and are employed by branches of the government, financial entities like banks, private investors, financial firms, and more. There are many different areas of concentration that an economist may focus on as well, including agricultural economics, forestry economics, global economics, and more. The average salary for an economist is around one hundred and six thousand dollars annually.