Highest Paying Jobs & Careers in Demand

Highest Paying Careers in Demand

1. Registered Nurse – $60,000 – $90,000
A registered nurse works to deliver high quality health care to patients in hospitals, medical clinics, and private practices. They’re qualified to perform a number of tasks including administering medication, hooking up IV drips, running basic examinations, reading patient charts, drawing blood, cleaning wounds, and more. They provide curative and preventative care and are considered to be the primary providers of long term care to patients. The need for registered nurses is expected to increase by over twenty two percent by the year 2018, and their average salary is around $64,000. The exact pay grade will vary based on tenure, employer, and geographic location.

2. Accountants – $55,000 – $78,000
An accountant manages the financial information and tax information for a business or individual. They prepare and review tax information, prepare financial statements, and balance books. In some cases they may perform various duties leading up to an IPO of a major company’s stock. The need for these professionals is expected to increase by more than twenty one percent over the next few years, and they will be able to find work in numerous locations including private businesses, consulting firms, and government organizations.

3. Management Analysts – $60,000 – $90,000
A management analyst is usually employed by an analyst company that contracts their services out to companies in need of it. Essentially, they review the specifics of business operations within the business and analyze each aspect of it. They use this data to form strategies and plans the business can use to improve productivity, cut losses, and boost profit. They help companies manage their employees and inventory more effectively, and the job growth in this field is almost twenty four percent over the next several years.

4. Computer Applications Software Engineers – $75,000 – $120,000
The demand for computer applications software engineers will increase by thirty four percent over the foreseeable future. These are essentially software developers, and they apply mathematical and scientific principles in order to design and develop software programs. This could be something as simple as a Flash based game or as complex as an Operating System for a mobile phone or tablet device. They work in numerous fields, from video game development to government and military jobs. Average salaries in the field are around ninety four thousand dollars annually.

5. Surgeons – $94,000 – $153,000
Surgeons operate on people to help them overcome illness or injury. This may include simple procedures like the removal of an appendix or serious procedures like heart surgery. The need for surgeons is going to increase by nearly twenty two percent over the next six years, and while the level of education needed to enter the field is higher than for some other jobs, the high salary and ease of finding employment make it well worth the investment for most people. Surgeons can focus on several areas of specialty like heart surgery, brain surgery, trauma surgery, or more. Their main employers are hospitals although medical clinics, private practices, and government agencies may also need their services.

6. Physicians – $94,000 – $153,000
The constantly increasing population is only going to increase the need for primary care physicians over the future, and the demand for physicians will increase by twenty one point nine percent between 2008 and 2018. Thereafter, an increase in demand is still expected to occur year by year. Physicians are highly trained medical professionals who provide care to patients as they need it. They help prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide range of different illnesses and issues and are the first line of defense against most problems. Things like regular health checkups, cancer screenings, immunizations, and basic medical care are provided by physicians.


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