Highest Paying Jobs & Careers in Business

Highest Paying Careers in Business

1. Chief Executive Officer – $110,000 – $220,000
A Chief Executive Officer, often referred to simply as a CEO, is the head of a company. They oversee a huge amount of responsibility within the company, developing overall business strategy, managing employees, devising company protocol, and approving or denying numerous requests from various department heads. Everything from finance to marketing, HR issues to legal compliance will be dealt with by the CEO. While they normally answer to a board of directors, they generally are tasked with making the right decisions.

2. Marketing Manager – $89,000 – $131,000
A Marketing Manager does just what their title would suggest. They analyze the company and its potential customers, and then devise marketing plans and strategies to help generate bigger profits and more clients. They’ll take a huge range of things into account including supply and demand, the industry as a whole, company size, and much more. Average salaries for marketing managers are currently more than $118,000 annually, although the exact figure will vary greatly depending on numerous different things.

3. Agents and Business Managers – $82,000 – $111,000
It may surprise some to learn that the agents or managers of entertainment stars are among the most highly paid professionals in the business world. But when you consider the salaries that major movie stars or sports figures can earn and then realize that an agent receives a portion of that, it’s hard not to see why that’s the case. Basically, these professionals handle the business side of their clients’ lives. They find them work, negotiate fees, and more. For their trouble, they take a percentage of the negotiated salary for themselves. It’s much like managing any business, except they’re managing talent.

4. Personal Financial Advisors – $50,000- $180,000
A Personal Financial Advisor helps individuals or families to meet their financial goals. They start by assessing the specific needs and goals of a family. This may include saving for college, retirement planning, setting a budget, and more. They could also recommend certain investment strategies to help grow a bank account. Debt management, pension plans, and much more are all possible issues a financial advisor may help their client with, and they earn an average of ninety two thousand dollars every year.

5. Management Analysts – $75,000 – $130,000
Management Analysts normally work in a consulting role for various firms. Normally a business brings them in when an issue is at hand or when they want to boost their bottom line. These professionals analyze nearly every aspect of a company – from its managerial program to the base level employees. They use their research to identify issues and develop strategies that will help the company improve productivity, reduce expenses, and raise profits.

6. Financial Examiners – $63,000 – $109,000
Financial Examiners are almost like security officers for a company’s finances and business operations. They essentially ensure that all records are accurate and up to date and that all aspects of any company are operating in accordance with regulations. With so many federal, state, and local business compliance issues in place it can be hard to stay current, and having a financial examiner constantly monitoring the issues is an insurance policy most businesses can’t afford to ignore.

7. Logisticians – $58,000 – $93,000
On average, Logisticians earn around sixty eight thousand dollars a year. They essentially manage the lifecycle of business operations. They manage resources, acquisitions, allocations, distribution, and much more within a company and are in charge of obtaining materials needed for creation of the company product, the maintenance of manufacturing facilities, and also help oversee the personnel employed by a company. In short, they do just what their title suggests and manage all of the logistics behind a company’s operations.


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