Highest Paying Jobs & Careers in Biology

Highest Paying Careers in Biology

1. Biochemist – $75,000 – $140,000
Biochemists work in the field of studying the chemical makeup of living things, including the chemical reactions that trigger things like growth, reproduction, metabolism, and more. They have a very strong focus on research and study and spend the majority of their time in a laboratory setting. A PhD is required for independent research, but a Master’s or Bachelor’s is often enough to enter the field. Average salaries in the field are around eight two thousand dollars annually.

2. Professor of Biology – $61,000 – $148,000
A Professor of Biology teaches undergraduate and graduate level students in a university. They earn an average of seventy thousand dollars a year and have numerous responsibilities in addition to their regular lectures. They also serve on committees, participate in research, and much more, depending upon the university they are employed through.

3. Microbiologists – $55,000- $112,000
A Microbiologist studies microorganisms and all aspects of their life cycle. This includes fungi, algae, and bacteria, although many microbiologists also study human disease and cellular reproduction. In most cases a microbiologist will specialize in one or more areas of study, such as immunology. This helps them focus their studies on a single area and get greater results. Employment in medical centers, research facilities, labs, and government facilities are among some of the possibilities for a microbiologist.

4. Medical Laboratory Technologist – $40,000 – $60,000
These professionals run clinical tests and various laboratory procedures and report the results. Work is done in a medical laboratory with the goal of analyzing fluids or tissues to make a diagnosis concerning a patient.

5. Research and Development Laboratory Technician – $30,000 – $50,000
These biologists work in labs to help drive forward various avenues of research. They may combine biology with mathematical principles, statistics, and even computer technology in order to come to conclusions about various subjects that have been tested. Average salaries are in the forty thousand dollars per year range.

6. Marine Biologist – $22,000 – $110,000
A Marine Biologist is a specialist in marine life, and often they specialize in one or more form of life within the ocean. Their focus is on gaining a deeper understanding of the life in our world’s waters, promoting conservation, and more. They find employment in marine areas all around the world, and their salaries can vary greatly depending on position and employers. Tasks include collecting live samples, collecting tissue samples, tagging various species for tracking, lab work, analyzing data, managing samples, and more. In many cases work will be done on site, meaning that biologists in the field will likely need to be certified in piloting a boat as well as in SCUBA diving.

7. Veterinary Technician – $22,000 – $34,000
The main job of a vet tech is to assist a veterinarian in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries or illness within animals. Their tasks will include gathering samples, running and analyzing tests, preparing or administering medication and vaccines, and possibly assisting during various medical procedures, including surgery. Pay depends on a number of things including location, experience, and employer, but average salaries are around thirty thousand dollars.

8. Research Technician in Biotechnology – $30,000 – $47,000
These professionals carry on a number of duties that depend mainly upon the specific concentration of biotechnology that they are employed in. Their primary focus is the assistance of research within the field, and they could find themselves working in a lab as well as in outdoor settings – again dependent upon the branch of biology they have found employment in. Average salaries vary but fall within the forty thousand dollar a year range in most cases.